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Renegade Consumer: the book

The cornerstone of the Renegade Consumer effort is the forthcoming book Renegade Consumer: The Battle for Your Economic Freedom.
Most of the essays here are chapters or other extracts from the book. More may be posted over time.

The book will be the foundational document for the Renegade Consumer movement. As such, it outlines the philosophy and understanding that underlies the effort, but stops with basic praxis and tactics. The continuing development of the movement effort will take place here, online, where it can be adapted continuously to the real world by the group mind of the effort.

It will be released in several formats:

  • A Kindle ebook will be available from Amazon.
  • Hard- and soft-cover editions will be available for individual purchase from Amazon.
  • Hard- and soft-cover editions will be available at bulk and fund-raising price points by special order.

Updates on the book's progress towards publication will be posted as the project moves forwards. The current effort is a comprehensive update and rewrite of the last draft—things move unbelievably fast in this field. Stay tuned!