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The Sell:øff Movement

The Sell:øff movement is a companion to the Renegade Consumer movement. It has the very limited focus of supporting individuals, groups and their combined numbers in the fight to push back against front-line marketing efforts.

It was conceived as a separate effort from Renegade Consumer for a number of reasons, first among them to keep this movement from being tagged as yet another “rebel consumer” or anti-advertising campaign. It is also a smaller step, and a smaller philosophical effort, and thus may appeal to many more people than the substantial step of going renegade.Sell:øff

Click here or on the logo at left to open the Sell:øff movement site in a new window.

Renegades are encouraged to participate in and support the Sell:øff movement in parallel with the more sweeping engagements of this movement. They form a functioning pair with the same long-term goals.

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