Renegade Consumer: the book

rc-cover-draftThe cornerstone of the Renegade Consumer effort is the forthcoming book, Renegade Consumer: The Battle for Your Economic Freedom, which is expected to reach press this summer.

The book is intended to be the foundational document for the Renegade Consumer movement. As such, it outlines the philosophy and understanding that underlies the effort, but stops with basic praxis and tactics. The continuing development of the movement effort will take place here, online, where it can be adapted continuously to the real world by the group mind of the effort.

It will be released simultaneously in several formats:

  • HTML and reading-format PDF will be available here on this site.
  • The generic e-book format EPUB will also be available here.
  • Versions for Kindle and Nook will be available from Amazon and B&N.
  • Hard- and soft-cover editions will be available via print-on-demand.

In keeping with the not-for-profit model of the effort, all versions of the book will be priced at “cost” between free (for online versions), free to nominal (Kindle and Nook) and cost (printed editions at something close to delivered cost). While we prefer to retain rights and control reproduction and distribution of the book, electronic editions will be DRM-free and eligible for limited redistribution, and a source format for short run printed editions is available on request. (We are open to co-publishing ventures with supporting groups large enough to invest in a stock of printed editions.)

Updates on the book's progress towards publication will be posted as the project moves forwards. The book is currently within a few dozen hours of completion of the final draft and should proceed quickly through editing, rewrite and legal review. Publication will follow within a few days of these steps. Stay tuned!

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