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A full-scale discussion forum will be added to the Renegade Consumer online presence in the near future.

While blogs, Facebook and other more recent online media forms permit one-way communication with or without feedback, only the forum permits users to create their own starting topics and reply to any other on an even playing field. Forums also allow discussions to persist over long periods of time—months, even years—without scrolling off into oblivion.

The real discussion about the future of Renegade Consumer will begin when the forum goes live. Be sure to join us then. In the meantime, feel free to use the comments feature on this page as a mini-Forum for general discussion... but don't miss your opportunities to comment more directly on current topics in the Observations.

Renegade One

4 thoughts on “RC Forum

  1. RenegadeOne

    This is the place to post your general comments and thoughts about the entire sweep of topics that make up Renegade Consumer. In time, this simple system will be replaced with a full-fledged forum. Until then... what's on your mind?

    Note: Please read the posting policy, under About, before posting. Also note that first posts are held for moderator approval; once your post is approved, you have full realtime posting ability.

    Welcome to Renegade Consumer!

  2. Peter Scott

    I'm looking forward to the snowballing of this movement into a truly groundshifting change. Jim's book parses some fine yet powerful distinctions: don't rush to pigeonhole it as "like this other thing I know." It probably isn't.

  3. RobertPearson

    RE: "Cold Plated". I am wondering if the unstated premise is that only changes in laws can stop this? Or, are there additional, technological countermeasure that may be used? I very much look forward to the book and more information on actions that might be effective.

    Also, thanks again for the idea, and the execution.

    1. James Gifford

      I'm not sure what the answer is, Robert. Certainly both stronger privacy laws and enforcement of the ones we have - which have largely been allowed to go limp in the Patriot Act era - would help. My approach is that awareness and cultural opposition is stronger. If everyone was aware that every State Trooper driving by was capturing and analyzing their license plate and storing the information for unspecified uses, the public outcry would be enough for them to abandon the system. Suitable laws or appropriate enforcement would follow.

      Double ditto for the consumer marketing uses of this data - I think many people can justify or let pass government use of such collection and data (rightly or wrongly; I don't care to take the argument that way). But knowing that our personal movements are being closely tracked for marketing purposes should enrage that part of the population that doesn't live for the next mallwide sale day.

      The book is not focused on privacy issues and is not a compendium of instances and newsworthy items like this. I intentionally restricted the book content to more "timeless" content, not tied to specific narrow issues or passing topics. This is all meant to be a three-part system: the book as manifesto and manual; this online entity as the meeting hall and poster board for more ephemeral and evolving topics; and the growth of a Renegade community to implement the ideas and discussions.

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