Renegade Consumer: essays

These essays are all adapted from the forthcoming book Renegade Consumer: The Battle for Your Economic Freedom. More excerpts from the book and original material will be published here regularly. Until the book reaches public hands, these excerpts form the essential Renegade Consumer library.

Renegade Basics

Most newcomers will find it best to read these essays in order, as the content and concepts in later entries build on that of prior ones.

Renegade Economics

From a later section of the book, these three shorter essays detail an alternate way to look at personal spending and family economics. Underestimating how much real wealth you are spending on consumer goods is the major mistake most people make—and the sellers are happy to help you deceive yourself. Here's the road out of that deception:

The Renegade Movement

As the number of renegade consumers swells, it will become the movement that will begin to effect real change. Here are some guiding thoughts for the movement's development and focus.

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