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Copyright, Duplication & Re-Use Policies

Renegade Consumer is a not-for-profit endeavor intended to benefit the public. To ensure that our goals are reached in the most efficient way, we operate under the following short-form copyright claim:

All materials produced for and by the Renegade Consumer effort may be re-used in any form that supports the effort's goals, as long as full credit for the source and (if appropriate) author are included and the use does not produce profits for any person or entity.

That is, you can reproduce, distribute and even sell any component of the Renegade Consumer materials as long as appropriate credits remain intact (most items intended for reproduction have those credits in place and noted) and the proceeds from selling them do not exceed the cost of printing, shipping or otherwise providing them. That means that you cannot sell Renegade Consumer materials for more than cost, even for fund-raising purposes—only for whatever they cost you to print, produce and ship or otherwise “distribute.” It is preferred that, whenever possible, these materials be given away freely and any costs covered by other means... that is, if you or your group can't absorb a few dollars in copying costs, you might want to check your overall intentions, or at least check with us first.

We would appreciate notice of any significant (or even minor) reproduction of these materials for distribution—if for no other reason, so that we can say thanks. It would be further appreciated if permission were requested before any major reproduction effort (more than 100 pieces) or reproduction intended for no-profit sales.

Publication, re-use and duplication by any person or entity not supportive of the effort are restricted to the narrowest interpretation of “fair use” and may not be sold or distributed in any manner that generates compensation, even for costs, or incorporated in any for-profit publication or medium.

A detailed long-form rights and re-use notice is forthcoming. If you have any questions, please inquire.